Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas.....

Wally and I just got back from a late night walk in the fresh snow in the park across the street. The sky was so light (sublimation), that it looked like dusk. All the trees have a coating of snow and the contrast made the whole scene look like an Ansel Adams black and white panorama.

We have 6" of snow on the ground and more on the way. The school district finally decided to call off classes tomorrow. Today we had a 2 hour delay in the start time, but it snowed heavily all day and it was quite the fiasco watching people try to get out of the parking lot and up the hill to the main street...especially those newly licensed sophomores. Even though I'll bemoan the make-up day in June, it's nice to have this surprise time off to catch up on last minute Christmas stuff...translation: I need to decorate the santa cookies! Jess has had 3 snow days in a row in Portland. Thankfully she'll be taking the train up on Sat. instead of trying to out-guess the weather and drive it.

Wally's handiwork

Christmas village made by Wally's Mom

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