Tuesday, December 9, 2008

There is something achingly poignant about winter sunrises. Although the trees are bare, the fields are brown and, more often than not, everything is dripping wet, this sets the stage perfectly for the beautiful shades of magenta, purple, rose, orange and gold that typify the sunrises in this corner of the world. For someone who tends to romanticize EVERYTHING, this suits my "new winter mood" perfectly.

In past years I have railed against winter and its leaden skies and all pervasive darkness. But what does that accomplish? Is it any less dark at 6:40 am when I leave for work? Is it any less dark at 4:30 pm when I get home? No! It occurred to me that I was only making myself miserable. So, if I can't beat it, then I need to join it, right?!

I am learning to embrace this season. True, the holidays help because there are colored lights and music and frivolity everywhere (as long as you're not trapped in a mall!) But aside from that, I'm creating a routine of sorts when I get home that is helping me to turn the blaaahs into ahhhs. I light my pine-scented candle, I plug in all the twinkle lights, I put on Windham Hill's "Winter Solstice" album and settle in with a cup of tea before I launch into dinner preparations and other chores. It's working!

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